Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Skylight - Cityscape

Here are some skyline photos of some big cities in California

LA Skyline. This is a panoramic photo composed of 4 different frames put together. What annoyed me the most was the distortion from the 18-55mm kit lens that make the building tilt on a side. Personally, I think LA skyline is the least attractive one.

San Diego skyline looking from Coronado island. Coronado island is a small island in San Diego county. The island has a lot of good restaurant and bar. To get to this place, you make a right as soon as you off the long bridge. Then park in some residential area and walk over toward the ocean. This is also a panoramic photo composed of 5 different frames capture using my kit len (18-55mm)

Last but not least, San Francisco skyline. This 9-frames-panoramic photo was taken from Treasure Island. The wind was cold as ice, but the pain was worth it. Treasure Island is a small turn out in the middle of the long Oakland bridge (I think that's the bridge name). I took these photo using 70-200mm lens.

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