Monday, February 18, 2008

Crystal Cove State Park California

The late afternoon was great, not too cold for Feb. I wish there was more cloud in the sky. But too bad, it was clear all day, yet just a few cloud showed up when the sun was set.

I dropped the Cokin filter holder and 3xGND into the sea, luckily I have a spare one. Otherwise, I couldn't take this picture. However, I had to hold it by hand, and
surprisingly it was much easy than I thought. Maybe I'm going to handhold it from now on unless the exposure was too long (my hands get tired easily).

Crystal Cove State Park located on the right side of Highway 1 (Pacific Coast Highway in California) just 2miles south of Corona Del Mar. Park entrance fee is $10 for a small vehicle; though I got in for free this time.

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