Monday, February 18, 2008

Flowers (Some random flowers photos)

Here are some random flowers photos that I took, just putting up to fill the blog (my blog was empty, I need post hehe ).

Wild Iris.

There are more than 300 different species of Iris in the genus. So, I don't know this flower scientific name. If you do, please tell me. However, I took this photo last spring in Bridgeford, CA (about 2 hour drive from Bishop on Highway 395). I was going there to catch the spring flowers display. But it was unlucky for me. The cold hail few days before had killed all of the flowers. So there was no "field of flowers" for me. I guess I will come back next year or sometimes later.

Canon 30D, 70-200mm F4L, @ISO 100.

Roses are red. This rose was shot in a studio setup. I was setting up for our products shots and wanting to have something for my love for Valentine. I stole the Valentine roses from one of my coworker and use it for the shot. I used 2 lights for this shot (Tungsten flood light). I sprayed some tap water on the flower to give it a "morning drop" effect. Oh man, photograph roses is harder than I thought, but well, here's the result.

Canon 30D, 24-70mm F2.8L lens, capture at minimum focus distance. I wish I have a macro lens.

This field of Callas Lilies was captured last year. This is Garrapata state beach about 2miles South of Big Sur/Monterey (one of the most beautiful beaches in California). This place is very hard to find because they're just a small turn out on the Highway 1 (Pacific coast highway). After about few minutes of hiking down the cliff, you'll see this field of flowers blooming white. They're normally bloom in Mid Jan and early Feb. This photo was capture on 01/22; yet most of the flowers were wilted already.

I was so focus into taking the photo and forgot all the POISON OAK along the way. I suffered for it later. Both of my hands were numb and they felt like someone pouring ice on my hand. The feeling is really annoying. But I found out that you can buy some solvent from local pharmacy store for $5 and wash it off . No pain, no gain, I guess.
I came back this year about the same time, but it was raining so bad and there were almost no flowers blooming (that's so sad). After 8 hours of driving, just to find out that there is no flowers haha.

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