Monday, February 18, 2008

Newport Pier - NewPort Beach

Newport Beach is one of the "hottest" beach in Orange County. People usually go here for food and bath in the sun or fire. I used to go here several time a week but not anymore (lazy I guess).

There are a lot of people fishing at the end of the pier. Most couples will come here just for a walk during hot summer day. Parking meter is free after 6pm but it's hard to find parking during summer. However, there are two other piers like this one in the area: Balboa Pier and Huntington pier. They are pretty much the same, but I prefer Balboa pier more because they're less crowded and parking is plenty.

Fishing on the pier doesn't require license but be sure to check out for some fish that you cannot keep otherwise you will get charged. Most of the fish you can find here is Pacific mackerel (greenish color). There is also a restaurant at the end of each pier for those who love to sit back, relax and enjoy the sunset.

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