Sunday, December 11, 2022

Third Party Battery Grip for Canon EOS R5/R6 - Finally a Aftermarket Solution for BG-R10

It has been over 2 years since Canon released the mirrorless camera EOS R5 and R6. We are starting to see more and more third-party accessories. I think Canon's accessories are overpriced. I always want a battery grip for my EOS R5; however, the price tag of $350 really puts me off. After all, it's a nice to have piece of gear but not absolutely necessary, especially at that price. Coming from the EOS R, the R5 drains the battery much faster and the R system camera is smaller than DSLR, so a grip is welcomed.

I've been looking out for a third-party solution at a much lower price. My search is over when I accidentally stumbled upon the McoPlus BG-EOS, a BG-R10 compatible battery grip for my R5, I was excited to try it out. To be honest, I was skeptical at first because all the Amazon's reviews are for a different product. But in the worst case, I can always return it and I'm glad I did. In short, the grip is amazing.


The McoPlus BG-R10 grip is sold for less than a third of the Canon's one. It arrived in a simple box with the grip wrapped in a small bubble bag. This is the first I have heard of this brand; however, my first positive impression is the lack of branding on the grip. The button layout is identical to the Canon grip which I wish wasn't the case. I find the original layout kind of awkward. The star (*) button is far from the AF-ON button. It will take some time to get used to but it would be better if it is the same as on the body.

The color of this grip is a little different than the EOS R5, but you have to pay close attention to spot it. The dials have a different texture and feel compared to the original grip but it is still very well-built. Overall, they fit the camera really well.

As the same with the official product, the grip side fits the camera nicely (not perfectly). But on the port side, it's kind of ugly. It would be much better if they deviate from the original one.

In terms of build and handling, the grip feels really solid, and a bang for the buck. It feels the same as the Canon one.


It doesn't matter how close it is to the official grip if it doesn't work, it is a deal breaker. Surprisingly it works really great. I can use all the buttons as I customized them on the main body. The shutter button is snappy. The half-press is a bit more resistant but it's up to personal preference.

The camera can read the batteries in the grip and report the battery info. I can also charge the batteries using a USB-C cable. There is a charging light on the grip.


Overall, I think the McoPlus BG-R10 is a very well-built product and a great alternative to Canon's expensive BG-R10 battery grip at a fraction of the cost.  It is currently on sale for $99 on Amazon. If you're wanting a battery grip for your R5/R5 C/R6/R6 II but don't want to pay a lot, then it is a great buy. Its build is very similar to Canon's official product. It works well too. I haven't run into any issues thus far. No compatibility issues or errors from the camera. I'm glad I have found this one.

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