Monday, January 26, 2015

Winter in Bryce Canyon National Park, Southern Utah

Bryce Canyon National Park - Queens Garden Trail viewpoint
We finally visited Bryce Canyon National Park in Southern Utah last weekend; thus, we have completed the Grand-Staircase tour. The Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce are often called The Grand Staircase of the Colorado plateau. We arrived at Bryce shortly before noon but it was not crowded at all (still there were a lot more visitors than we anticipated). In winter, we could drive into the park which is why it is the best time to visit Bryce Canyon. Snow also changed the landscapes significantly but it also made it hard to hike down the canyon without proper equipments.
Bryce Canyon Magical Hoodoos
We drove all the way to Rainbow point and started our visit there. But to be honest, there is nothing in Bryce can compete with the viewpoints along the Rim Trail such as Bryce Point, Inspiration Point, Sunset and Sunrise point. So if you are short on time, I recommend you to skip other viewpoints and just focus on the Amphitheater viewpoints.
The Bryce Canyon Rim Trail Amphitheater
The snow was not as much as I hoped because it's relatively warm winter this year. There was no snow at all in Zion Canyon. There was some snow at Bryce but I was hoping for more. Still, we had a great time and a great trip to Southern Utah.
Red Hoodoos at Bryce Canyon