Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Trinidad Bay - A Gem of California Northern Coast

Trinidad State Beach - Trinidad Bay - Pewetole Island
Pewetole Island - Trinidad State Beach
Over the Memorial weekend, we took a trip to the northern coast of California. The drive was long but the beautiful scenic highways turned it into the best road trip ever. On Sunday, we arrived at Trinidad Bay, a small state beach about 20 miles North of Eureka. Located right in the bay, Pewetole Island is one of the most iconic places in the northern coast. It looks somewhat similar the famous island in Olympic National Park of Washington state. We explored the area while waiting for sunset. But the arriving storms didn't seem to cooperate. Luckily, we got some cloud and decided to take the photo in black and white. It was still little bright at the time so we had to stack a polarizer filter with a 3-stop ND filter to bring the exposure time to around 8 seconds in order to smooth out the raging waves. We hope you enjoy the photo and share some of our feelings from the trip. We will definitely come back here some day and this time we'll spend a lot more time in the area.

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