Monday, April 29, 2013

My Love for Outdoor

fire on the sky at mono lake tufas, eastern sierra
Sunrise Mono Lake - Easter Sierra
My wife asks me "how come there are people who don't enjoy and appreciate a beautiful landscape!" At first, I don't think anyone can ignore the nature beauty that mother Earth has blessed upon us. But then I realize there are such people exist. The discussion takes me back to earlier year when I first embraced photography as a hobby. Growing up in a city all of my life, I rarely had a chance to travel anywhere. I didn't get to witness those beautiful sunrise with colorful clouds except in post card and prints or on the internet. To me, they were just a product of photographers' manipulation. "There is no way that could have been real," often told myself, until I took a trip to Mono Lake. I still remember as if it was just yesterday.  After 6 hours of driving, I arrived at Lee Vining on the Thanksgiving afternoon. Staying there for the night, the next morning around 4am, I drove the Mono Lake. It was my first time here and having to find my way in the dark was not at all fun. Luckily, I found the parking and headed to the shore of the lake. I tumbled around looking clueless because I didn't know where to start. As the dawn approaching, I could see clearer. It was a going to be a stormy morning according the weather in which I didn't check prior to this trip. I lost hope for any decent photo (based on my standard at the time). But as the sun rising up, I looked up and saw the whole sky lit on fire. It was the most dramatic sunrise I had seen. It was beautiful beyond any words could describe. I could only take a few shots before the color disappeared completely. It was a dull morning overall except for that short magical moment. The jackpot I took back from this trip is a beautiful photo that I still treasure to this day. To me right now, it may not be a technical perfect nor great in term of composition. Yet, it's a proud photo that is a real eye-opener to me. Since then, I have seen many spectacular sunrise and sunset. But still, the image of this moment burned deepest in my soul.  Now, I have my wife with me on every photo-expedition-trip. We can share these moments together. Our souls seem to merge into a single being upon gazing into a beautiful landscape. Now, I'm a believer.

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